A simple and reliable web-host



hellolocal started off as a way to host my own and friends websites, because I realised it would cost very little more to offer a hosting service than it is to buy hosting of offer web hosts I started my own. I knew the market was varied and that some webhosts charged large amounts of money for something which essentially costs them no man power, but the fact I was able to start a webhost for the same cost of buying a cheap VPS to host my own sites was incredible.


Since hellolocal started it has grown in size and so has the hardware behind it, the success of hellolocal relied on been able to offer more services at an ever decreasing rate. Because all products are sold as as close to cost price as possible hellolocal is one of the cheapest hosts on the market, often been as much as 70% cheaper then competitors with better support rates.


hellolocal is built at heart on top of cPanel, all servers used to offer hosing run cPanel and it manages all user accounts and there files. This makes the job of automaton much easier as accounts can be automatically created using an API. The next piece of software s WHMCS, this software manages products and payment, once payment has been processed through either PayPal or stripe it then automatically makes the user account on cPanel. It also has the option to sell domains automatically through the enom reseller API. WHMCS takes it one step further and even suspends user accounts who don't pay, along with many in house plugins WHMCS is the workhorse of hellolocal.

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