CordPanel - Theory

CordPanel is my new project that I am working on alongside hcaz Short, this is a more relaxed project and is aimed to manage servers running minecraft and bungee cord. It is meant to take the hassle out of running multiple servers and managing bungee cord by providing a GUI interface to manage all the servers, where they are hosted and on what bungee cord they are connected through, it will also allow things such as global banning, commands direct to the server and other things.


I have finally enabled SSL for my server, I have setup self signed certificate on the server that will support all my domains and subdomains, and then told apache about it, so that means that all my services now support SSL and you can actively use it, it proved the same protection as normal SSL just I'm not paying for it because it is a lot of money just for a green bar, so if you trust my services feel free to use the https:// and get protected, it is just as safe and uses the same encryption as when paying for it. I am using the same certificate for all my domains just to make it easier to set up by not having to make a new one for each domain, I had to change a few things on the bar to make it work with SSL by that I mean script files that are not called from the same domain so jquery and the bar stuff are now called through the bar so that they are on the same protocol.


Late last night I became aware that was available, it used to be taken by a different set of people and I have wanted it for a while now, but it seems they dropped it so I quickly picked it up for supprisingly little, I dont have any plans for it and probably never will as I try to develope all my sites so they work on both mobile and desktop without changing too much, because of this I have pointed it to the same folder as the main homepage and im just going to leave it, but I am happy that I finally own it.

QuickPrint - Reality

My ideas are becoming reality and I am able to run a script to register the printer, then add it to my account ready to print to.

QuickPrint - Ideas

This is a quick test to show how easy I want it to be to add a printer!

University - Open Day Number Two

The university that I visited yester was a lot better than the first, tui had a real university atmosphere about it which the first one simply did not have, although the union was possible the worst place ever and didn't seem to do anything other than provide a place for four or five bars to join together there was nowhere to get work done unlike the first university. ALthough the place was a better standard the teachers seemed more friendly and energetic and the lecture rooms were the coolest places ever because they have doors for each row and not just one main door (As you can see above, although not all rooms are like this).

University - Open Day Number One

After visiting another university today it really makes me realise how much other universities other than Lincoln make their accommodation all the same and feel very bland, it may just be me that is seeing past the badness in Lincoln but they seem a lot better than other places, at least there they are on site, most universities it seems do not have accommodation onsite, and with the campus I saw today been really spread out it makes me glad that I am not appligin at this university.

Flickr blank comment bug

I broke Flickr! Whoops I guess, here is a copy of the bug report I submitted:

On pictures located at you can enter blank comments on any picture (and probably video) by entering if you just press enter with a fully empty box it prompts you that is is empty and wont let you post a comment, if you enter the i tags or even b tags () with no content then it will post a blank comment, in the source the tags are there but because there is no content inside the tags it shows to the user as nothing, this affects both picture/video pages as well as the homepage of if it happens to a picture by someone you follow.

You can see an example of this here:

I think because you only seem to accept tags it would be a good idea that in the file that receives the comment it strips these tags and then checks if it is empty again so "" becomes "" then you can see it is truly empty before allowing it to be posted where as "Comment" becomes "Comment" and you can see it is not empty.

Content Security Policy

After seeing a set of videos published by Google i have decided that by default i will publish the set of content security headers with all page loads, because of the bar this was easy to do and it limits all media on the page to self which is the domain of the page and * which is where any of the global CSS and JS comes from, this means that even if someone gets past my data cleaning then it still wont run the JS, i have limited AJAX to thee same thing as well as images meaning that nothing should load from anywhere else making your experience safer, not only from the page acting only on my code by it wont interact with other websites on your behalf. I realize this is only a start and only works on modern browsers but i see it is a big push and it will stop allot of the main stream attacks.

After taking the screenshot above i noticed the headers Server and X-Powered-By i have since limited both so they do not give out as much information so people can not see the exact versions of software we run, this is important so that known security holes can not be used against us wihtout knowing our versions (Although we are always up to date).

ProGIfCat - History

History has been added to this version of ProGifCat I found that with the MySQL random function it picks the same one a few times in a row and the site was repetative. Not I store a list of all the GIFs been shown in the current session and if MySQL gives one that has been shown I pick again (Done with a GOTO statement, bad I know but it gets the job done and should only run a few times before hitting a free one) This means that all GIFs are new, because I have a history I can also give a back button which is great because images are now loaded in with AJAX, this is done because I want to make sure the image and music syncs up before being shown.

ProGifCat - Loader

This is the loader I shall be using on the new ProGifCat!

Epoch hit 14!

At 09:53:20 on 13 May 2014, the Unix time value hit 1,400,000,000 seconds.

New phone!

So it happened again I got a new phone!

For me this is not a big deal I get a new phone every three months or so. But this time for the first time ever I have a smaller phone, normally its bigger for me but my last was the biggest (at the time) the Sony Z Ultra, so the next one is a HTC Evo 3d.


hcaz accounts do have avatars, but we do them differently instead of uploading your own picture you generate one using the thousands of combinations of body parts and clothing in our avatar generator. This way we can keep all the avatars on the network clean and roughly the same. Feel free to check it out at


I have put allot of work into the key system that allows the network to handle users, these keys are important to both API requests as well as logins, now this is done registering should be done in the next day along with activation. Not soon after hopefully login should be working.

ProGifCat - Working

ProGifCat is now fully working, you can upload a new image or get one from a URL, it will then redirect you to the public link that you can send to people, on the homepage it will select a random image if it has been approved and display it. All I need to do is show views and make the ratings work. I may add a feature to auto VCurl the links to share, and if you are logged in then custom slugs should be available.

ProGifCat - Layout

This is the new menu for ProGifCat, after playing around for a while with different designs I finally decided on having different bars (just span tags) for each thing on the screen, and have the upload forms appear on button click instead of redirecting. I think this works as it keeps the main focus on the home page.

Hello world!

This is just a test post, but it is the first on my new-new-new-blog! :) This time the tables are cleaner and its all displayed with simple PHP!

Now using pagekit, so I guess this does not count.