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Over the past few years while i have been programming there has been many times where i am on google[1

Whenever i post things i try to make them as clear as possible so that i can follow them in the future again, there are lots of different things on there from Windows software to PHP programming, there is even some stuff on there that does not really fit but then again keeping it around is a safe bet.

Feel free to check it out over at tutorials.hcaz.me.uk


VCurl - Email bot

This is more of a proof of concept than anything but it still serves as a working service and does demonstrate how the VCurl API can be used for developers when they need to give URL's to users and either want them to be short, not clear where they go, or even to see tracking details of the link. I will publish the source code on GitHub and attach then link below.

DemoJust send an email to [

Source codeGitHub : hcaz/vcurl.eb


It feels weird knowing that for the first time in my life I have nothing to do.


Logs are now done and fully work on all services, it took linger than I expected because I change my mind on how I wanted them to work, now instead of being logged into all services at once using tmp keys and some sort or global domain cookie it is all separate and you should be logged in for one year (If you keep cookies and have a static IP). I will be making something to login to all services at once using JavaScript that fills out the form in an iframe for you, but this may be slow and only to prove a point. Now that login is working it does mean that services will start to be customised like on this blog I can post directly from the page without using direct MySQL, logs will start to be kept and soon lists of all actions will become available.


The registration system is now complete, users can create an account and they get validated and sent an email to activate there account, at the moment there are no friendly errors, but something is put into the logs, I need to change the capatcha and add password strength. Maybe add ajax email and username verification for checking if they exist.

Because users can now register it means I have data to test with when working on the login system, the login system should work from any domain and log a user into all domains. This is done with a key system and a generic login domain. The tables are prepared for this it is just a matter of validation and cookie setting to get the system working.


Because I have left CaZDev I have decided to re-upload all my videos to my private channel, because of this I am starting from scratch with few subscribers and next to no views, at-least it gives me the chance to start fresh.

I am uploading all of my videos and am going to scheduled them to upload every week day from here on out, this gives me a backlog and if I deicide I want to record new content then I have plenty of time to do that!

YouTubeHere is a link to my youtube!


Hello, Recently I have been getting into filming more, and as much as I hate to admit its much more fun and rewarding than photography. If a picture says a 1000 words then 1080p at 30fps says a hell of a lot more. The more I get into filming and the more things I try, I realize that i have a soft spot for time-lapses and hyper-lapses as they do such a great job at progressing time. And jump cuts, they work really well to show a sequence of actions such as making something or walking from A to B as they can give sense of dimension to a shot.

Going forward i will be making little films every now and then, and when it gets close to September i am going to aim to make one every week or month, that just showcases life at university. I am currently just testing new things and edits, I am using my main camera for most shots but I have two old android phones dedicated to timelapses at the minute which I can setup and get great footage.

Thanks, Zachary

Moving out of University

Hello, Today is my last day at university, or my last morning at-least, in a few minutes my mum will be here with a van so I can take all of my stuff home. It is not until not that I realised I had so much stuff or that I love the freedom of living alone so much, but I will have to give it all up just to save on food bills for a few months and go home, it will also be worth it to leave this place, my flat mates are less than awful and it would be great to get a good night sleep. So until August when I can move into the new house I am going home, it will allow me to focus on r/hellolocal and make sure that everything is sorted and making money again as I have let it slack and not been advertising it as much as I should be doing.

With the updates of of selling plugins and a reseller centre I think it will really take of other summer.

Thanks, Zachary

Hello World!

Hello, This is a test post for the blog in hcaz.me.uk This is entered through the database and before any display has been implemented just as a testing post so I know there is data to be shown and formatted.

Thanks, Zachary.

Tango down - Pestilence

I just destroyed the instance that was called pestilence, while opening up my own hosting business it made sense to move all of my sites other to that, save costs of running a VPS just for me when I can just use the hosting servers, today was the day I turned of my VPS because I no longer need it, although as of yet it may have been a mistake and there could have been loads of things I should have downloaded from it, but now its too late. Things seem to be working fine so lets hope they stay that way.

hellolocal - Local UK web hosting!

I have made up the website design and started work on the whmcs integration, I have done allot of writing for the website and made up all the packaged. I reckon I am cheaper then most providers and offer great deals for affiliates and business alike. I think this is a powerful and reliable host and cant wait for the launch.

hellolocal - Logo

/hellolocal has a new logo! As you can probably guess this is now a hosting service and will soon be a fully functioning web hosting service where people can purchase unlimited web hosting and an incredibly cheap price! If I make money of it then cool, if not I hope I can provide a good service for people to use!

Short - Lists

/short is now working full to a useable standard, it has working lists for all domains as well as choosing which domain you want to shorten to, you can edit links and delete them from the list making it easy to manage all the links.

Short - Cross-site scripting (XSS)

Just fixed a problem in the short domains scripts, because I take input from the ?callback= get handle it meant I was able to perform XSS on any domain site. I have made a fix for this and updated GitHub, but makes me realise how much I love having a set of included that automatically clean all inputs!

Network - Updates

Over the past week I have made allot of updates on the network, the biggest of which is the new URL layout of services as this required all sorts of changed in the code to the bar as-well as services so that they work in a folder, but now that is done and I have everything that was done working again, as well as some things that was not working yet such as the registration and sitemaps ect, now that it is all up and running again I am able to start working on the services again first of which is a small one which is working it just has some updates coming its way, this is hash.


The new folder and url layout means that alot of the old links do not work, things like blog.hcaz.me.uk do not exist anymore because they have been moved to hcaz.me.uk/blog, this is why I had to build a redirection script that picks up all the old service urls and rediurects them to the new ones, so things like blog.hcaz.me.uk/c/life will still work they will be changed to hcaz.me.uk/blog/c/life there is also another benfifit to this it means that you can goto blog.hcaz.mobi or hcaz.mobi/blog and it will redirect you to the mobile version of the service, since the blog does not have a mobile version it is dynamic and does not need one you will end up in the same place, but with services such as Short that does have a mobile site short.hcaz.mobi would take you to hcaz.me.uk/m_short and you would have access to the mobile site for that service.

IOGraph #4

Three point five days.


I generated this using a tool I found on line, give it a Try!Stereography

IOGraph #3

Two point five days under its belt.


These are the new favicons for the network, they will all look the same but change the letter or symbol that they display, they are rendered by request from the bar meaning that I can change them at any time or for a special occasion. I like the simplistic look they give the network and since they all look uniform but with a big difference I think it works well.