Recently I have been playing loads of minecraft, in part because of DrunkGames but we have also decided to set up a fan server, use the word fan sparingly, we are making a server to host the words we use for recording on with just us and friends as-well as public worlds to raise awareness for our channel. There will also be mini games and survival maps.

Setting up the server has set a whole new lot of challenges that are detailed on the server project page here! But also I have been setting up a minecraft server for hellolocal, this will be a way of selling minecraft without setting up a new server for each customer, most customers don't need a whole server just a world, so I am going to set up a server and rent out worlds, make then private and only accessible for the players who the owner specify. This will allow me to protect the server as a whole and allow customers to have pre-insalled plugins. I see this as a way to get into minecraft hosting without the overhead of paying for a control panel and marketing something that already exists.

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