University - Two more days

I now have only two days until I move into my new accomadation, by this I mean I have two more nights, only really half a day as im going out. This now feels extermly real and alot more scary then it did a few weeks ago. The fact that I ahve a few more days then I will be by myself and in a compeltly new life it is weird. Today I finished packing my life into boxes and that means my compyter is in boxes, all of my clothes and everything else. ITs something I have nevwer done before and it is such a weird feeling ot not have everything laid out as I like and not knowing what my life will be like in a few days and that in less than 72 hours I will be by myself in a new city with nobody I know.

Some parts of this are very exiting and I cant wait to be cooking for myself, to be able to do what I want when I want, and getting a job is all good. But some things are not like not being able to talk to people I know easily. I feel like I may be taking too much but as long as I have my computer I will be happy.

Tomorrow I am getting the rest of the things on my list which will then complete everything I should need in my new life.

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