University - Open Days

I find that at University open days I never know what to mask, afterwards I think of loads of things to ask and then end up emailing people or searching online. Searching online is one of the reasons I can't think of anything to ask because I know most things about the university from there web page, I had my heart set on Lincoln before I even set foot in the place, I had been to Lincoln many times and loved the city just never been to the university campus before. I feel the most important things to do on an open day is walk around and see the places where you will get lectures and get a feel for the experience, but also to see the accommodation, as much as I would like to see that online the simple truth is there is not many pictures online, there are a few stock that could be old and outdated, a few on forums from people decorating but they do not give a full perspective of what what the rooms actually look like (That does mean I will be posted loads of pictures of my room both here on on g+ so people searching in the futre can hopefully find them.

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