Tetris - Its working

So its working again, I spent the past few hours and slowly rebuilt the entire backend and most of the front end, it is now more efficient and has the potential to show more stats about games and stuff. Then I imported the old stats, mainly for total games as users no longer exist but I did save my count so I can see how much i've played, I kept the layout the same as the old days as I don't want to put too much effort into it but I have made a few alterations to the homepage. Speaking of which in the picture above you can see it now shows extra information next to how many minutes you have played, it says hours in the picture but thats actually days, I have 2.3 days worth of tetris about 55 hours

I ran into a problem iframing the .swf files because I can't iframe a https version it means that in chrome you have to click a button to allow the iframe to work, it does not bother me but its something to bear in mind.

You can go play now! : hcaz.me.uk/tetris

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