Tetris - Its back

Its been over a year since the last game was played on this service, it started because my college blocked the normal tetris site and we found a subdomain where the .swf files where hosted so we used them instead, after about a week we wondered how many games we were actually playing. This made me buy a domain to host it on and we iframed the .swf files with a simple php counter on the page something like this: $hits = file_get_contents("hits.txt"); $hits = $hits = $hits + 1; file_put_contents("hits.txt",$hits);

Now at the time I was pretty impressed, we won't mention how it could be compressed to something less like this file_put_contents("hits.txt",(file_get_contents("hits.txt")+1)); because it worked and quite soon we was racking up to a thousand games with a few people playing it. This was also around the time that CaZDev was formed and within the first month the userbase for that was sorted so one of the first services apart from VirtusComputing was tetris, although called itsjusttetris back then, since we had a user base I added starts for different users and it was running of a mysql table that stored hits for each type of game for each user and it even had a leader board, not long after that we had about 20 people playing on and off in their lessons this prompted the Wiki homepage so it looked like a educational site if the teachers went to it and you had to login to play games (Which teachers couldn't do because they did not have accounts:P).

The service ran as it was for about a year, while the rest of the network upgraded around it it was just after its year anniversary that it stopped as people no longer played, I didn't want to rewrite the site because it used mysql and not mysqli that everything else used it meant that the CaZDev bar would not support it (There was also other games that people played). Today though I dusted off the code and put it into a public folder, as you can see in the image above I got little bits working but it won't work again, I will have to redo it completely which I am going to start after this post, just for nostalgia's sake I want to get it working again and time will tell if I keep it maintained.

If it works I will post a link to it, if not then you shall never know the joy that was itsjusttetris.

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