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Since my last post about SSL I have ensured that my SSL certificutes are now signed by a CA, by this I mean I have bought some and have a green bar, because of the price of SSL certificate (Which should not be so hight) I have only got one that provides SSL for the domain (I have some others for different domains that I got for free but I wont be paying for them next year so I wont count them) I am not going on the policy of one SSL meaning that all ym services are now moving to the domain of, and not using subdomains like they are now, for example when I am writing this the blog is hosted at, in the next few days it will become meaning that I can then have SSL, I will be forwarding all users to the SSL version of my site meaning that everybody will get SSL all the time and be potected!

Any subdomains or real domains for services will redirect to the correct place meaning that you can still use subdomains and full domains, but you will be redirected to the secure site and it will have little or no affect on you, there are other benefits meaning that you will be logged into all services at once now because of the single domain setup.

Domains such as or that use the API will not have SSL enabled for them, they will contact the API using SSL and that will provide a secure enviroment, but they will be treated as addon domains as they are not a service by themself, they are only making use of a service located at

Here is a nice little video I found that explains SSL in a few minutes:

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