SquareRoot - Its back and Working

After getting tetris back up and working in a few hours yesterday it made me really want to take a look at SquareRoot again, because this was a game I actually made myself I was very happy to find I still had the code. But of course just like tetris it did not work anymore it did not require a full rewrite though because the MySQL backend was efficient as it ever was going to be so I just had to change the wa queries where done, since they were already mysqli it was not too hard to change them, other than that it pretty much worked the entire thing only took around half an hour and its back in buisness, I took off the logged in restriction so anybody can play and see the scoreboard.

This game came into life for a project set by college, the task was to make a 2d game that had at least two levels, and incorporated some form of power up and had an enemy. My idea was a top down view like everyone else, but instead of making a maze with a dalek following you around to kill you I went with a box where you could move however you wanted, the enemies where the walls themselves and the powerups (pups for short) where little black blobs that pushed the wall away, this meant that you had to keep collecting pups to survive and it was impossible to win, unless you were quick the walls would close in in time and you would lose. This quickly become a race for the longest time and thus the most pups caught between my friends, this inspired me to copy tetris again and integrate a scoreboard meaning that it was public who was the best at the game, because of this over half my glass was playing the game for a week or two and played over a thousand games in total to date.

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