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I have had tracking built into the bar since the start it tracks every page load, only the basics mostly just the full URL and IP, after 40 days that is then compressed and sensitive data is removed. But with the addition of sites that do nto support the bar cough cough I have had to make it work other ways and not it is tracking so I can see exactly how many hits each post gets and work on the categories that get the most. Webmaster Tools I have also sorted out my Webmaster tools account, it was such a mess so I spent some time an removed all my tites and readded them all with the www. subdomain and set the default pages, I also setup content highlighting for the blog and tutorials, I also setup a crontab to auto generate sitemaps I find that doing them myself then downloading and uploading the file is too much, it is easier to generate them myself from the database using the tables that contain the direct slugs for the page, this means that it shows all pages aswell so google has a chance to index them all.

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