iPod - Icons

I bought an apple iPod, and although I now hate myself I can justify it. My reasons are as follows: • It has more storage than my phone. • It wont kill my phone or laptop battery on the move. • It works really well... as a music player. • I have to admit I always did like apples design. • At university I will probably listen to more music than I already do. But anyway, it does give me the plus points of being able to test my websites on an apple device, a popular one using native software, speaking of which just before I ordered it I remembered about the apple meta tags you can add to that when a user pins a bookmark to their homepage it can have a custom icon and not just the favicon, these also support different sizes for the best detail, of course I just added them in and pointed them towards /favicon but it was nice to have the option of giving it a bigger size, as you can see in the screenshot it works on all services and looks rather good.

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