hcaz Short Vs vcurl

vcurl is now becoming part of hcaz short, this is because the way I want to run things has changed and it is easier to manage it this way, it also provides a lot more control over domains and the different ways in which things can be shortened for developers and users.

What happened to vcurl? Well technically, its been rewritten from the ground up. But in reality it has just changed its interface but will still work the basic way in which most people use it, the site of the domain will still let you shorten links and any shortened link will still work at vcurl.co/{slug} but to get access to custom slugs lists or anythign else you will have to goto short.hcaz.me.uk.

What is short.hcaz.me.uk This is the new way to manage short URL's all links are kept under this service and then links to a domain, so you can use more than just vcurl.co, you can even add your own domain and choose to make it public or private, share it with other accounts. This gives you more customisation over the short links.

Prefixes Prefixes are now a thing so you can reserve a three letter code for your slugs on a specific domain for example I want to reserve zac on vcurl.co I can do that then all my slugs using this prefix will be like this zac:slug1, zac:slug2 and then nobody else can use zac as a prefix and it is completely mine, this allows me to create custom, links for my app or website that are all related to each other and you can form a level of trust with a specific prefix only ever been controlled by one place.

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