Me and Joe met up for a night to drink and code, we aimed to make a chat system but only intended to get the basics done and hoped for it to work, the next morning it was working fully with usernames time-stamps multi-room support long poling an even emoticons.

At the start of the night we wrote the API to handle new messages, that seemed to work straight away without us expecting it to, then the displaying of messages was just as simple to make work so once that was setup it was just a case of using JavaScript to post messages and poll for new ones, later on in the night we made long polling work which sped things up dramatically as-well as reducing server load. Before long we had emoticons and a long list of bugs to fix. There is still allot to do with encryption on clients end plus we need to think of a name to get a domain going, for now it is hosted on a sub-domain of which you can view here.

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