Bug finding - WHMCS

I found a bug in WHMCS, here is a copy of the bug report I submitted: == Affected Version == WHMCS 5.3.8

== Description == When changing custom fields on a product via the admin panel the logs show that the admin has changed the password for that product and not the custom field name or just saying custom field. For example I have a custom field called SMTP hostname, when I change this from the admin panel it shows up in the log as me having changed the password for this product when I have not.

== Steps to Reproduce == Make a product. Add a custom field onto that product. Make an order for that product. Change value of custom field. Look in logs

== Expected Result == It will look like this in logs: 25/08/2014 17:46 = Modified Product/Service - Password changed - User ID: 2 - Service ID: 10 = hellolocal =

== Severity == Low

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